Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I really enjoyed the launch - I’d left open the possibility for this to happen but it came as a surprise regardless because I was, you know, pretty nervous. There were a lot of friends there but also people I didn’t know. I didn’t really expect this. Where did they come from? There was a woman who’d travelled all the way from Warburton to get a copy for her daughter. There was another mum doing the same, and a writer from Kingsville, a physics student from Seddon, a mate of Barry’s….Doing the drawing was a good plan because I got to talk with everyone while I drew. I liked the signing part very much.

Toni Jordan did a wonderful job launching – she told us about how reading In-human had inspired her to ring up her mum and ask what she was like as an adolescent. Toni wasn’t a teenage werewolf but sounds like she had some of the symptoms. It was a very funny and generous speech. Barry Scott, who published In-human, also said nice things – how important it is to publish and read Australian works because this is a way we can stand back and reflect on ourselves, always a good thing to do but especially now when boundaries are blurring.

The room was very hot and I know some had to leave because it became unbearable – I have been told by a few people since that there was a little air conditioner up the back and can now imagine a small crowd huddling around it. I tuned out of the heat straight off – the power of the mind is amazing. Thank you to all of you who came and to those who stood in the queue in this sweaty little room waiting for me to sign your copy. You helped me celebrate and enjoy a very big event in my life.

Here are a few pictures that were taken at the launch.

This is me signing.

This is Clinton Green – he made my website, is a horror writer, a musician and also my neighbour.

And this one is of me and Deb Crabtree, another friend who writes horror.

Oh, and this is a blurry picture of my wonky little drawing and signature.

PS. There were quite a few writers at the launch, some published and some not – those who haven’t yet got there I hope that one day soon I can come enjoy your book launch.